What’s in My Bag: Mini Edition

Every time I carry a small bag the number one question asked is how much can actually be carried in it. My answer is just essentials that I need. The problem is the bigger the bag the more stuff you tend to carry but with a smaller bag you have to prioritise what to carry and also make sure it’s practical. So today I spill on the contents of my mini messenger bag.

Lip Service

A little touch up goes a long way and one can never have too many lip pencils. I carry 3, yes that’s right, just to switch up that colour.

Tech Savvy

5 in 1 pen is cool multifunction tool pen as it features a star and flat head screwdriver, stylus for smart devices, an integrated bubble level, ruler and pen. Then of course we have the trusted smartphone with all those useful apps which slim enough to fit in the bag.

Breath of Fresh Air

Carry mints or chewing gum with me all the time because bad breath isn’t cool.

A Helping Hand

Extra hair bands are a must to carry, L’Occitane have a small handy little thing that helps with any sort dryness and a little goes a long way. My card holder fits just right and of course the all important coins for quick change.

Smelling Good

The Giorgio Armani mini set perfumes are the perfect size for a small handbag and come in handy on many occasions.

Brighten the Day

So obsessed vitamin c and I carry the brightening eye gel with me for a little touch up. Headphones are a must as I listen to a lot of audio books and music.

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