My Summer Must-haves

As someone that constantly reads labels and still struggles with finding and using the right products it is not always easy to get the ones that work. When summer hits and the weather gets to 33° C (91° F), I have my go-tos as I minimise use of foundation or anything heavy that clogs my skin because if I don’t it feels like my face is melting. This is my hot girl summer must-have product list of which many double up and do more than one job making the skip-care routine even more epic.


I find that my skin changes according to seasons and concealer covers a multitude of patch sins which I love and appreciate as it helps you get ready to face the day.

Vitamin C Serum

From the moment I used vitamin c serum I knew we would be tight, it’s now a regular in my skincare routine because it regenerates, revitalises and brightens my skin. Helps protect from sun damage and hyperpigmentation which is absolute magic.

Antiseptic Cream

Sudocrem is a great antiseptic cream which I use for my eczema irritation, any spots, to soothe the itch of a mosquito bite, sunburn and it works wonders. The emollient effect contained in the cream helps soothe sore or inflamed skin and a small dab goes a long way plus it lasts for ages.


My favourite blush of all time is by sleek which I like to use as eyeshadow in the summer as well as to highlight my cheeks just to give a little vavavoom.


A fragrance gives you the finishing touch and I prefer something that is not overpowering in the summer making it an easy reach.



My lashes get more volume after I apply mascara, it works in the summer to get rid of that puffy eye look and gives a bold but minimal effort full look even though you are not wearing full coverage makeup.

Face Masks

We have all bought a mask that didn’t even stick to your face when it should have. Found some that have the ultra stick factor which I use about twice a month just to firm and brighten my face then incorporate a toner afterwards.


This is a must whenever it’s hot as I burn easily and need to protect my skin. I prefer the spray on because it blends well into my skin and doesn’t leave me looking patchy, is not sticky or greasy.


I love all these products because they get the job done with less fuss helping with skipping certain routine steps and ditching unnecessary use of a mountain of products to achieve one look.

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  1. Marc Jacobs seriously have some of the best perfumes ever! The entire Daisy series is just… wow!!
    And don’t get me started on vitamin c 🙂 It’s a new love for me ❤

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    1. Lu says:

      Great thing is it’s not an overpowering scent which makes it special. Vitamin c is fabulous!

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  2. taglientimua says:

    I love this post! Do you have the name of the Sleek Blush by any chance? It looks beautiful! I have followed your blog and can’t wait to see your next post! Xx


    1. Lu says:

      Hi thank you for following. The blush is called sunrise, my favourite.


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