Travel: Postcard from Port Louis

The year has just felt like a blur and a much needed more like required holiday was just what the doctor ordered. Destination, Mauritius a 4 hour flight from Johannesburg take off was just before 2 pm we landed at just after 7 pm, local time they are 2 hours ahead timewise. The island is hot and the humidity hits you the moment you leave the cool airport and at that point all you want is to run into an air conditioned car.

For a small island it has plenty to offer and the scenes just do not get old, it is easy to rent a car and drive around which gives you the opportunity to explore a little bit more. Spent a couple of afternoons at Le Caudan Waterfront in Port Louis walked around the harbour and saw what seemed like a plethora of cafes and restaurants. Visited the Blue Penny Museum which has the world’s rarest stamps, the craft market offered plenty of souvenirs then had lunch of which I was spoilt for choice as to where I wanted to eat, got a henna tattoo, had some tasty cocktails, plenty of water and explored the central market which has an array of fresh herbs, fruit, vegetables and spices.

If you are thinking of being chic in the city a hat is a must, make sure that whatever you wear is lightweight and that will surely be the answer to staying stylish in the heat.


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    1. Lu says:

      Much appreciated, thanks.


    1. Lu says:

      It really is

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