Tech: Frequently Used Apps

Whether or not you have a long commute or have some time to spare during your lunch break there’s an app for everything to keep you occupied apart from games of course. My go to app is always Twitter but going the non traditional route I wanted to share other apps that I frequently use to help me be more productive and here are my top 5.

My Fitness Pal

This free app offers so much more in the way of tracking your food intake and depending on your location there’s a restaurant logging feature to help you make good eating decisions when you are out and about. Generally helps with tracking your meals and physical activity daily. It is easy to track your diet using its immense database of foods, calorie counter and I think one of the best features is the barcode scanner. You can share what you ate or weight loss progress on social media if you are brave enough for that kind of exposure.

I will say this, you start to get very conscious about what you eat when you see that calorie calculator working its magic!


Helps with collaborating tasks and deadlines within teams or as an individual, you can also capture ideas and inspiration plus it syncs across all devices. I use it as a notepad lots of times if I am somewhere where I need to scribble quick notes without a pen using the handwriting feature or if I feel like solving some mathematical equation (which is not often but it has happened). Evernote is one of the best ways to create different types of notes and keep them organised across all devices. You can manage, share or keep your notes about photos, documents or text, set reminders, upload and flag your notes. Has a search function that can scan those PDFs and other documents.


Lets face it, it’s not easy to remember everything. I like writing notes and to do lists then have pieces of paper everywhere. I have found that this is a great way to get organised. This app has my lists on any quick thoughts I have, shopping lists, work stuff , subscription reminders and anything that I feel like I require a to do list for. Of course you can arrange the list in alphabetical order, sort by priority and share these lists via email, dms, messenger, bluetooth etc.

7 Minute Workout

There are a number of these out there all based on high intensity workouts with no equipment required. I’m sure I will see a difference in the long run but I like that I can workout in 7 minutes as I am not too good at working out all the time. I much prefer walking or cycling but 7 minutes is a doable for me and I can make time for that. There’s a bunch of workouts from arm, leg, butt, abs but personally always use the classic or you can take part in the 30 day full body workout. What I like is there an animated person “personal trainer” showing you how the exercise should be done and how many reps to do. There are levels to this as well from easy, medium and hard. It is a great app to get your heart pumping and burn some calories when you are pressed for time.


Pretty sure this has been around a while but i started using it last year after always being in a mad rush to look for a scanner to scan documents it was stressing me out. Concept is simple take a picture of whatever physical document, receipts or business cards and it is scanned and you can email it in pdf which is just excellent for document management.

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Hopefully you get to use these apps and find them helpful as much as I have.

Lu x

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