Food: Healthy Options at the Deli

The Deli’s latest opening is in the leopards hill area of Lusaka just at the turning to the left where you have the Amaka Crossfit sign. It is almost completely hidden as no signage yet but know it’s in the same entrance as Amaka crossfit and the Montessori school. The surprise is that I never knew they had a place in this part of town I have been to the other Delis but this one is definitely more up my street.


This eatery has everything to offer it is stylish with decor of black and some tropical green which works very well, the vibe is chilled, chic atmosphere, mellow music and hands down has the best smoothie I have had in a long time. These guys have upped the ante with the menu, serving options for dairy free folk like me which is just darn refreshing for once. I like that you have plenty of healthy options for breakfast and lunch from macchiato to chai latte, I’m in deep.

This Deli really is a hidden gem where healthy meets tasty. It all combines to create a sophisticated spot to catch up with family and friends especially at the weekend over a smoothie and a buddha bowl.


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