Street Photography Moments

I have a keen interest in taking photos not only for a good selfie but I believe there’s always more to the story and enjoy capturing memories. Joined the Lusaka Camera Chat Group to see what I could learn and get tips on my photo game. Led by David Brown, we meet at Rhapsody’s in the showgrounds once every third saturday of the month.

Each month there’s a topic on which you submit prints which are evaluated and pointers given. This month’s topic was about street photography and we captured everyday life in Chainda (pronounced Cha-in-dah) a densely populated area in Lusaka. Guided by the immensely talented Chellah Tukuta a fashion and street photographer who has worked with both Vogue Italia and USA, shot at South Africa, New York and London Fashion weeks including works with Al Jazeera and CNN Africa to name a few.

Chellah in yellow shirt dancing with the locals. Photo courtesy of Enoch Wetsy
Courtesy of Wetsy Enoch
Courtesy of Wetsy Enoch

What an experience it was and a very lively Saturday morning. Zambia truly is a peaceful, friendly nation and has a people that are resilient no matter the circumstance. Inspired!

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  1. africabluelion says:

    Nice blog, thanks for the namecheck, but the group wouldn’t work without everyone else’s varied expertise!

    You’ve captured something of the feel of Chainda with your set of pics. I haven’t come across that beer before- is it only available in Chainda?


    1. Lu says:

      Thank you so much. I’m sure that it wouldn’t but it is fun to learn from everyone. I haven’t seen the ginger beer before either not sure where else it’s available.


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