52 Week: Money Saving Plan

Yaaasssss we made it to 2019!! The year where we finally get to find out how the Game of Thrones ends, sigh. As we wait, I wanted to get into the 52-week saving plan/ challenge for this year, it is something I have done for a few years now and always found it helpful to save this way plus it’s fun.

Use whatever currency you use, there are many variations online which essentially give the same result. The premise is that for each week the amount to save gets progressively larger. Depending on whether you are all tapped out for the holidays do what works for you try the £5000 or £1378. There’s two ways to do it, the traditional way by starting with £1 and ending with £52 or in reverse by starting with £52 in week 1 and ending with £1 in week 52.

The trick to saving is to figure out how to save and it starts by making changes which can sometimes mean a lifestyle overhaul. It is not always easy to do, but if you are able to do it here are a few pointers of how I got started.

Reality Check

My first stop was by going on the Money Saving Expert website to have a realistic idea of my incoming and outgoing which gave me an idea of tracking all my earnings down to the last penny. From that I created a tracking spreadsheet which was incredibly helpful also had to reduce my trips to Starbucks.  The website also has a lot of information about insurance, travel, utilities, debt help or the latest deals, there is a lot of information there check it out.

Buying in Bulk

It helps to not buy essentials every month, as of now I have a 6-month supply of shampoo 😊 been doing this since my college days and I still practice this. Of course check the expiry date, get those 2 for 1, buy 1 get 1 free deals especially when it comes to beauty buys like makeup, shower gel, toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, body butters etc. Places like Costco offer plenty of deals on almost everything, buying in bulk is now your friend just like an episode of extreme couponing. It is also helpful to join a Facebook couponing  and bargaining group.

Mobile Phone Plan

You could do a pay as you go plan or if on contract try and reduce your phone plan to get enough data and minutes to get you through the month. My thing is that I always save up for a new phone then just pay for a plan and I make sure I utilise the free wifi as and when I find it if need be.

Helpful Apps / Websites

To help with the Fear Of Missing Out (FOMO) become a deal hunter with shopping deal apps and websites like Groupon and Itison which always have good deals for stuff like dining out or beauty and spa, without always breaking the bank.

One last note I always put more than £1 to start in the pot to bulk it up a bit. Don’t feel bad if you don’t go all the way the important thing is that you start somewhere.

All the best!!!!

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