Art: 37 D Gallery

I love going to art galleries, having been an art student myself and dabbled in mostly abstract and some life drawing to challenge myself, it is something I really enjoy doing and experiencing I happen to find it calming in a sense and do appreciate another artist’s point of view.

The gallery is located in middleway, Kabulonga. I have been wanting to check out this place for a while now but their opening hours were 9 – 5 and nothing at the weekend. It finally happened yesterday. They have opened up this fabulous new space which is just grand and artistic, plus I cannot wait for the coffee shop to open I think that will be a great addition.20181020_062353.jpg20181020_06325820181019_130952.jpg20181020_06293220181020_06273120181019_125223As you walk in there is a jewellery shop called Jagoda, now I did not take any photos firstly because I was just taken by how exquisite the collection is and secondly, I think you just have to see it yourself if you are ever in the area

I also just so happen to have bumped into the amazing Zambian fine art and wildlife photographer Patrick Bentley who was having a book signing there and it was so wonderful to meet him and chat about his work and book which has been in the making for 10 years I was inspired. Check him out on Instagram.

I will without a doubt be back to the gallery.20181020_10561820181019_12380620181020_062137

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