A Crisp Mid Summer’s Day at Bonanza

Summertime always has a lot of social gatherings and events to go to. The Wine Shop had an event a few weeks ago at Bonanza, an introduction of all the new wines and gin that they will be stocking. Most of the exhibitors were from Cape Town. We had a lot of interesting chats about growing grapes, harvesting and what’s on offer when you visit the vineyards.20180922_15412820180309_16202720180922_14341720180922_14484120180922_143814.jpgNow as far as Bonanza is which is not that far from Kenneth Kaunda airport, it is worth the drive to just check out the stunning golf course not that I play but I can still appreciate parts of a perfectly manicured lawn. Bonanza is a residential community which is surrounded by a golf course and a clubhouse.

After walking around and sipping a little something here and there, energy was required. So grabbed a bite to eat at the clubhouse which has a pizza station featuring a wood fired oven and they made me cheese less pizza with salmon, capers and avocado they stole my heart. Overall it was a great venue topped by the best weather conditions.20180922_141609.jpg20180309_17135620180922_155906.jpg20180922_163405

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