Motivation: Feel Good Inc

For anyone that is going through something you realised that sometimes life just happens and whatever the situation might be, it is just out of your control and you just have to put it in God’s hands.

So, no matter how hopeless or helpless you may feel you just have to keep going, make some good and bad memories, learn from them, move on, cry some but hopefully not for too long because through all that remember that time waits for no man.

Last year I woke up one day and was not able to walk properly I was in a lot of pain with every move I tried to make and assumed it was some sort of back pain turns out it was my spine. Through a recommendation I started going to Ceragem for heat therapy and I was about as sceptical as they come but through all that I kept going every day for 2 hours for 25 days. I can’t explain how but it worked, and I was able to walk properly not sideways and no pain. I still get pain at times but have learnt not to overdo things anymore or carry to many things at once.

It is very important to surround yourself with people who make you laugh when times are hard, who want to see you succeed and not compete with you.

Try not to live with too many regrets because it is ok to make mistakes also realise that honesty is a very expensive gift so don’t expect it from cheap people.

Just take that unflattering photo, smell some flowers, take a walk, dance, sing and just have a laugh because let’s face it we only have one life and tomorrow is not guaranteed.

Lu x

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