Tea at the Corner Café

A contemporary restaurant in the city of Lusaka located on Great East road, stands the place that everyone is talking about. It is superbly situated between two shopping malls Arcades and Manda hill. Of course, a wee birthday celebration is always a good excuse to go for a little nibble and a cuppa tea at the corner café, not that I need an excuse to go there.

There is a cool breeze outside if you opt for that, but the inside is very well ventilated. The grey seating both inside and out works very well with the greenery of the tree plants. There is a play area for the kids and it is alcohol free.20180906_19184220180602_16165420180602_162543IMG_20180828_162717_038IMG_20180828_163033_132The patisseries are just divine, they melt in your mouth and are not soggy, just a fresh light crunch and with each mouthful you just want more.20180602_16092120180610_13260820180610_141653



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