Almost Camping at Blue Lagoon National Park

Blue Lagoon is a wildlife sanctuary on the Kafue plains a place without traffic, electricity, running water or phone signal, unless you stand in one particular spot which I couldn’t quite find. It is the perfect place to see the stunning milky way whilst sitting around a camp fire.20180708_121142.jpg20180707_113651.jpg20180708_083236We were booked at Nakeenda where we were supposed to be camping initially but then difference in price between camping or being in a chalet was minimal so opted for that. There’s meant to be pythons in the area but thank goodness I did not see any as I’m not a fan.20180707_17104320180707_18311720180707_200338If bird watching is for you it is the place to be unfortunately I did not get to take any proper bird pictures as they kept flying away when the car would move, and I did spot a monitor lizard when driving through on the bird trail.20180707_16393520180708_09325820180708_101125Although it really does feel like you are in the middle of nowhere it brings a sense of quiet from the outside world, where the only stress comes from what to eat so you can rest and recharge your batteries.20180708_083310

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  1. Ellen says:

    These looked beautiful! I’m jealous of such a pretty area ☺️


    1. It’s definitely different and a welcome change the milky way is just stunning with no light pollution.


  2. philipbriggs says:

    HI Lu, can I check how long ago you stayed at Blue Lagoon – it sounds great but I can’y etablush whether the chalets are still operating – any idea?


    1. Lu says:

      Hi Philip, post is July 2018 no idea can ask the person that arranged the trip, but the place is so secluded and there’s zero signal so no idea.


    2. Lu says:

      There’s a contact number online for Nakeenda Lodge and Blue Lagoon National Park they can both advise what the chalet status is.


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