A Sugarbush Café Lunch

It was always wonderful to go to Sugarbush Café for lunch I always just felt so chilled and zen there, it is a real shame that they are now closed. Loved the rustic homely feel of it, the whole place was just a cool chill out place especially at the weekend.

Located on Leopards hill road and set on a farm, revamped and was very dog friendly FYI. The architecture of the building is Dutch colonial style (hope that’s accurate) and has a large veranda that is cool on a hot day with the view of the beautiful garden, lavender bushes that are serene and surrounded by horses.20180312_13535720180312_13505220180513_130411As you walk through to the other side there was other seating and garden benches, also had a showcase by Lightfoot Zambia which had all sorts of accessories, batik, travel stuff, leather bags and purses and lots of handmade items.


Sugarbush was reasonably priced and had fresh organic produce as they grew their own vegetables, I mean it is a farm after all. I really did love sitting by the chairs next to the lavender where you could see the horses grazing and made for a nice break from the city noises.20180312_13444120180312_161527

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