Back to the Other Side, Latitude 15

Went back to latitude 15 again to dine at the members only part ‘The Other Side’. Now am sure you are aware from the previous blog about Latitude of how easy it is to forget where you are and just enjoy the place, I love how beautifully decorated and modern the place is, so let us chat about some of or one of the most important factors that can make or break an experience, which is the service and of course for me the food.




You will also be aware that I am lactose intolerant and that food menus can be a bit of a pain trying to find dairy free options, so I ordered the safest thing the salad as didn’t feel like having anything starchy.




The service was great the guy who served us was young and eager as well as charming. This young man happily tended to my every request without making me feel like I was being a bother and went as far as making sure none of the food had any dairy and actually told me that he found out too late that the topping on the dark chocolate cake had milk in it which was great so ended sending that back and having handmade potato crisps as an option which were fresh, tasty, not too salty and crunchy.

Dietary restriction? No problem at all there’s an alternative. The service gets a big thumbs up from me and with views that are certainly Instagram worthy, stunning art work, lighting and art-deco finishes that reflect its unique African heritage, it all goes well together.20180212_19265520180212_19174920180212_191502IMG-20180213-WA0004

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