A day at Chaminuka

The weekend is always the perfect opportunity to take a drive all the way to Chaminuka. It has one of the largest private Zambian art collections which is estimated to be a 1000-piece collection, placed throughout the lodge and collected over the years by its founder and owner Andrew Sardonis.




As you enter the grounds you are greeted by all the wonderful sculptures on the grounds and the more you walk around there’s much more to see. The artist in me appreciated the fact that the lodge is full of paintings, metal work and sculptures which features works from many Zambian artists including the legendary Henry Tayali.






The lunch menu on offer is buffet style which consists of grilled meats, vegetables, salads, starches an assortment of cheeses (not for me), cakes and fruit.



Very enjoyable just to walk around but you do get to do some activities like walking with the cheetahs, game drives, fishing and all sorts if you are up for it and at a price of course.20180309_12455420180309_15014820180309_152355

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