Travel: A Drive to Siavonga

Lusaka has been having uncharacteristically hot weather for this time of year when it should be the rainy season, and when the rain began it was heavy and lasted for 3 days which meant it was time for a weekend getaway to Siavonga.


First stop was for a tea, wooven crafts, amethyst and some goat spotting along the way.


Normally one of the hottest places in the country, Siavonga is a small town in the Southern Province of Zambia, lying on the north shore of Lake Kariba, and only about a two-and-a-half to 3-hour drive from the capital. There is not much big game although I did spot some zebras there’s more hippos and crocodiles which are frequently seen. There are warning signs everywhere making swimming in the Lake an adrenaline sport for those that dare, in my opinion.


There are many places that offer accommodation, boating and fishing tours. Checked in one of the chalets at Eagles Rest with the beach within a walking distance and the view is worth it. Evenings are spent under the stars even though it was cloudy on this occasion you could still gaze. You do get to see the Kapenta (a type of sardine which can be eaten fresh or dry) fishing boats on the lake and they really light up at especially at night.


Decided to go to Lake Kariba Inns for a change of scenery and to try out a different menu and was not disappointed as they had plenty of options plus spotted to zebras grazing.


The spectacular Kariba Dam Wall, impressive to look at and I did get blurry eyed looking down, is nearby which is also the border crossing into Zimbabwe. However, you do have to pass through immigration to surrender your id and drive to the dam which is about 2 minutes. The water is held back by a huge dam wall (approximately 128m high and spanning 617m across the Kariba Gorge). It is the largest man-made reservoir in the world and was completed in 1959 when the Zambezi River was dammed in a joint electricity-generation project between Zimbabwe and Zambia.


Overall, for £58 ($81) per night it is quiet and private with no prying eyes as all the chalets face the lake the only sound you hear is that of the lake just like being at the seaside. The rooms are modest with a stone shower, very comfortable beds including a small fridge and kettle. The sunset and sunrise will leave you in awe and FYI there are no TVs or wifi so for a gateway it served its purpose.


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