Travel: The City Of Livingstone

Livingstone is a tourist town in Zambia about a 5 hour drive from the capital city Lusaka or 40 minutes by plane. This is where the majestic Victoria Falls the smoke that thunders is found. We arrived on hot day checked into Avani Victoria Falls Resort where the views are stunning and our welcome party were the Ngoni warrior dancers. They have buffet breakfast, lunch & dinner which is a feast of all sorts of salads, roasts, some Zambian delicacies, fresh fruit, juices and the usual beverages. There are a number of restaurants in the city centre if you fancy a change of venue.

Welcome Dancers

The resort has incredible Zambian/ African art work all around, needless to say I went a bit crazy taking pictures.




There are lots of walking pathways around the resort. The biggest disappointment was that there are no gym facilities. However, you are encouraged to run along the pathways but at your own risk because animals roam on the grounds which are populated by monkeys, baboons, zebras, giraffes and well some less friendly species so walking solo after a certain time I wasn’t that brave. I did get a little visitor outside my room window, cheeky little monkey was my wake up call.

Zebra grazing as we walk to the Victoria Falls

The main places people tend to gravitate towards are the Victoria falls, Wildlife safaris (game drives) in the Mosi-oa-Tunya National Park, Cruises on the Zambezi river, Helicopter ride, walking with the cats (tamed lions), elephant rides, bungee jumping and swing gorge. It will cost you if you want to do all these so choose wisely.

The swing gorge was scary but a great experience the hardest part was walking back all the way to the top was sweating buckets.


The sunset on the Zambezi river is just beautiful plus got to see a few hippos and crocodiles.

Sunset on the Zambezi river


The game drive happens early morning 6.30 am our guide drove us through the Mosi-oa-Tunya National Park where I saw monkeys, warthogs, monitor lizards, impala and giraffes, sadly no elephants or rhinos.

We quickly freshen up after breakfast and were off to the Victoria falls did not have any water proof gear to protect my phone so didn’t take any pictures. You can opt for a raincoat if preferred but the falls was so full everyone was wet, wet, wet regardless.

Unfortunately I did not get to enjoy the swimming pool as we had so much to do with such little time. I brushed my fears aside and did the swing gorge there was lots of screaming in the beginning.


We had a lovely dinner on the hotel grounds and whilst at dinner we were entertained by the Maramba Cultural Dancers who showcased dances from 4 (out of 9) different provinces of Zambia.

Thanks to the folks at DSTV Zambia and Sigo Adventures & Tours until next time it was a blast.

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  1. This was a brilliant , makes me want to go there !

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    1. Thank you now is the best time to go falls is flowing.


  2. Moses says:

    Awesome review. Thanks for sharing your view point of the beautiful tourist town of Livingstone. As an artist, this seems like a great place to get inspiration for the creation of African artwork.

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    1. Thank you so much was very inspired.


  3. Walter says:

    Thank you Lu for such a great review. As Sigo Adventures and Tours, our primary objective is to promote Zambia as a destination.


    1. Thanks walter we had a good time and everything well organised.


  4. I was in Lusaka for work and wanted to do a trip to Livingstone but couldn’t fit it in and now your post has given me heartache 🙂

    I wrote about it here:

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    1. You should definitely make a plan it is good fun


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