Cheese Tasting at a Cheese Factory


Although I am lactose intolerant and don’t eat much of the stuff I know that cheese is incredibly popular around the world with so many famous regions that are known for producing it, and can be made from cow, buffalo, goat, sheep, soy and even yaks milk. Cheese tasting is an international hobby where people gather to taste different types of cheeses and involves texture, visual, smell and taste sensations. That said we set our sights on Chaminuka which produces and offers such a tasting. The last time I was there was about four years ago, glad we made it out there because it was a very pleasant day out despite the initial wet weather and considering it is quite a long drive out there.

Went with an open mind not knowing what to expect, it was a rather unexpected ambiance in an alluring rural setting i.e farm with cows, donkeys and ostriches thankfully the cheetahs are in another part enclosed, phew. They have different coffees on show the Ethiopian coffee is particularly good but had opted for a chai latte with goat milk which was alright.

We were then walked into a cave enclosure where the tasting took place which was beautifully laid out and lit setting the tone of the experience. Even though I only tasted one type of cheese I thoroughly enjoyed listening to everyone’s comments regarding what they liked about the selected cheeses: Cheddar, Cheshire, Mozzarella, Gouda, Gouda with cumin, Feta and Goats cheese, all paired with wine. My taste notes on the goat cheese are that it was tart in flavour, tangy with earthy nuances perhaps I should include it on a charcuterie board to appreciate it more. Overall, cheese tasting will help you understand different tastes that’s for sure and makes you more tolerant to various types of food textures if you are in the exploring mood.

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