Why Do We Vote?

Compassion is the foundation for a better world, not violence. With everything going on in the world, as nations begin to slowly rebuild and rethink their future, Zambians went to the polls August 12 to decide the future of their lives. This year’s election was unlike any other and more significant because change is required and it was inevitable. It is why we woke up before the crack of dawn to go and vote as our lives depended on it. This election was never about the opposition it was about the Patriotic Front vs the People of Zambia.

Over the last turbulent seven years self serving decisions were made on behalf of sixteen million people by one man and those close to him who treated the country they were granted to govern like it were their own, flaunting their excessive wealth and mocked the poor and underprivileged which left a sour taste in people’s mouths. People were terrorised for the little they had worked so hard for, integrity meant nothing, corruption was the order of the day, human rights ignored and our judicial system was made a mockery of. Social media where most got their information from was blocked on voting day, if there were people not fully swayed before that, their mind was fully changed in that moment. Many African Countries seem to wait to hold leaders accountable out of fear and when valid questions are asked people are punished for daring to ask for better.

Now we understand that asking for accountability is important and that just because someone quotes bible scriptures and says they are humble, it does not mean that they are acting in your best interest. If someone’s character is questionable before they get into office it means it will continue being that way. No one or their family members should ever be harassed, arrested or punished for their political views because they oppose certain views.

After a reign that was toxic to say the least because they spread messages of hate, tribalism and division, we voted to end that kind of narrative. Congratulations to the people of Zambia this vote was personal and emotional to show our dissatisfaction with how our country was being run. We vote because it means economic empowerment, democracy, good governance and hope for a better future. We have a difficult journey of rebuilding but a brighter future is up ahead. We did it!

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