Best 5: Eating Spots with Outdoor Space

Everyone has their favourite eating places from healthy to traditional foods Zambia has a long, long list of places to eat that all feature different varieties of food all dependent on preference. However it is now more important than ever to have socially distanced seating arrangements when we go out to eat.

In actuality after the second wave hit our local eating places need support where we can because in this part of the world businesses are on their own with no contingency plan or help from the powers that be. The following list is based not only on the fact that the food is great but there is a bit more variety when it comes to dairy free options than most plus outdoor seating which ticks the boxes.

Eden Haus

Newcomer to the city with plenty of outdoor seating which is pretty good that they had social distancing in mind makes it so easy to house your social bubble if you have one. They describe themselves as a coffee and wine bar but with salmon and avocado on the menu I’m sold.

Image courtesy of Eden Haus

Mugg and Bean

They have a number of chains but I frequent the one at Eastpark Mall because it is one of the few places with dairy free milk so go for a hot chocolate fix. A very popular spot at peak time but as most people opt to sit inside there’s space outside most of the time.

The Smokehouse

They have a handful of benches outside which are properly spaced with food that is reasonably priced, one thing to try is the succulent lamb curry believe me you will not stop craving more.

Gourmet Burger

Also found at Eastpark Mall, this is about the only placed where you can get the black bun burger and it is juicy and succulent at the same time especially with that chilli salsa they presented in a bottle they really are after my own heart. One of the coolest features of this place is that the inside has two booths for private dining which can be closed away from other diners.


Meraki has a small popular breakfast and lunch spot in Kabulonga at Centro Mall although they only have just a few seats outside the cafe, the have a fair selection of food, good coffee and very strong ginger tea if you dare try.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Andrew Shaw says:

    Excellent. Lusaka has improved no end in the last few years.


  2. Lu says:

    Indeed it has nice to see so much variety.


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