My Day on a Plate


Our everyday lives and routines have been dramatically changed in what seems like an overnight switch. The anxiety of uncertainty, isolation and lockdowns has got me snacking more than usual and not the healthy type but I want to change that.

Going to the flower farm inspired me to perhaps start growing more than just one type of fresh vegetable to have more variety. Ordered a fresh veg box from a farm. Here’s some of what I have been eating lately.


I start with a glass of some vitamin C tablets in water then I have whatever fruit is available whether tinned or fresh.


As sandwiches have taken centre stage switched it up with an omelette for a change packed with mushrooms, onions, peppers, tomatoes and ham.


Dinner was guava juice, a tuna salad with more eggs lol cucumber, onions, cherry tomatoes, peppers made a coriander dressing with garlic, olive oil, balsamic vinegar and seasoning.

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