Mental Health: Free Your Mind


Mental health is something that is crucial to happiness and well being. I firmly believe we all need to nurture our precious minds because we are more than our thoughts. The biggest problem is that it is always swept under the carpet and there seems to be a lack of understanding with a quick dismissal on the matter.

There is nothing wrong with talking about it and wanting a healthier mindset. Learning and growth is part of being human which means we make mistakes but the problem is we are ripped apart for it.

Being online has created a wide range of opinions which are not always welcome. I have found that there is a particular sadness about people who seek joy in other people’s misfortune and take pleasure from it without any accountability.

Things have to change you never know what people are going through and not everyone has a support system. So, before the consequences are devastating be mindful of others because kindness costs nothing but means everything. It takes courage to ask for help so lend a helping hand to anyone that needs it and change how you think about things. Who you are around matters don’t get stuck in a rut, surround yourself with people who can lift you up.

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