Sushi Goals

Summer in the southern hemisphere is the gift that just keeps on giving but I have been feeling a bit under the weather and had major cabin fever. There was a need to go out and have something to eat other than fruit and juice, besides I was not in the mood for any hot food either.


The corner café is always a charming place to eat at and it so happens that the sushi place is now open which I was eager to try out. Once you walk in you have the option to sit at the sushi bar upstairs where you have the conveyor belt and you get to watch the man as he makes your sushi which cheered me up tremendously.The sushi was delicious and was enjoyed very much but I will order some miso soup as well next time. Afterwards went downstairs for dessert where they have some of the lightest, fluffiest cakes you will ever eat washed down by some tea.


The one thing about this place is that your sweet tooth will be well and truly satisfied here and the price is not exaggerated.

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