Conservation: Cheers to the Elephants

I was invited to a charity event in August to raise funds for wildlife education and conservation through the Game Rangers International inconjunction with the David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation. One of the most memorable moments of the night was having the pleasure of listening to the English soprano Laura Wright belt some tunes.20180930_122614So, I finally made time to go to the Elephant orphanage at the entrance of Lilayi lodge to see for myself what actually goes on and how these guys are making a difference. The funds raised go towards funding programs like anti-poaching, educating the community, animal rescue, rehabilitation and release.

They currently have 4 elephants affectionately called the “Lilayi Herd” whose names, background stories and ages are on the wall, which has all the details as well as pictures about the nursery rehab, relocation, a wish list of items that are required to enable the rangers, who the animals end up thinking are their parents as they look after them everyday, to look after the elephants in the wild.20180930_12315620180930_12370120180930_124153.jpgI had no idea that the baby elephant feeds up to 8 times a day, so that totals 32 feeds of formula milk a day for all 4. This was a very educational moment for me and glad that I got to see it for myself. So, spread the word because all funds go towards helping the elephants and their wellbeing so get all the information from their website if you would like to know more.20180930_12361420180930_12391520180930_123707

Thanks for reading.

Lu x

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