Dairy Free Food Swaps

These days people are choosing to go dairy-free because of intolerances or food allergies. My reason was both health and intolerance which I talked about in my being lactose intolerant post. Sharing some food swaps that I make for those everyday eats because the most common question I get regarding not having dairy is, how do you live without cheese? My answer is, pretty simple because you can’t miss what you didn’t really have.

Depending on where you are in the world we are now spoilt for choice for those of us with food intolerances but it comes at a price. Keep in mind that not all alternatives make a straight swap but come close. Swapping at home is easy if you are ready for the change but going out to eat gets tricky sometimes.

Nutritional Yeast for Cheese

Nutritional yeast is deactivated yeast and comes in the form of yellow flakes. It is a great alternative with its distinct savoury cheesy flavour and the best way to avoid any discomfort. Usually, sprinkle it on pasta, use this in sauces or pizza.

Dairy-free Margarine for Butter

Butter is something that seems to be in a lot of things and people do prefer it to margarine or spreads. That said, thankfully there are many often planted based dairy-free substitutes which are in supermarkets like vegan, avocado, olive oil spread or canola made from soya. When spread on toast, steamed veg and mashed potatoes it adds a little something special.

Almond Milk for Cow’s Milk

If you are worried about not having tea with milk don’t be, there are many milk options without lactose on the market from almond to coconut to oat to rice milk it is out there just depends on your preference. I prefer almond milk due to the taste, low-calorie count and source of vitamin E and calcium. I use this for cooking, in tea or cereals and baking. 

Dark Chocolate for Cake

Must admit not eating cake at a birthday party has been a struggle but I would rather be free from pain and discomfort. There are some very tasty cakes and desserts made from dark chocolate out there. If you want a richer-tasting alternative best make it yourself or most vegan cookbooks have options so you don’t feel left out too much.

Frozen Fruit for Ice Cream

If you’re looking for a frozen dessert without any lactose sorbet is a good one. When it comes to things like fruit you have plenty of options and are guaranteed that there is no cream in them. This is my chance to indulge a bit and come up with different flavoured ice creams my favourite is frozen bananas and strawberries, yummy. Also, enjoy frozen grapes or having them fresh with papaya.

The biggest truth of it all is once you cut out dairy you have to be vigilant and properly read the product ingredient list of each product you buy to make sure there is no lactose present. That way you avoid all the symptoms that eating lactose can cause. Many issues, include bloating, nausea, stomach cramps and diarrhoea.

Lastly, you are not alone so join a group for people with similar dietary requirements you get all sorts of useful tips on avoidance, products and experiences.

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