Fascinating K-Dramas on Netflix

South Korea’s dramas or K-Drama in short have taken the world by storm recently, any fictional series produced in the country falls under this category, regardless of the subject matter or genre, encompassing everything from comedy to romance to sci-fi to horror. With the growth of Netflix, there is now a diverse range of non-English language content available from around the world, enabling barriers to be broken down that once seemed prohibitive. Thoroughly enjoyed the shows I selected because they were not only engaging episode by episode but also had a satisfying ending.

Squid Game

You can not go five minutes without seeing some reference or video to Squid Game, it is now officially the most watched original content series on Netflix. It is about a selection of life survival games that will see one winner out of hundreds of contestants earn millions of Won. They are all in deep financial difficulty and compete for the top spot. You basically risk losing your life and humanity at the same time as becoming a millionaire which is both shocking and captivating. 


The swave, intelligent and sophisticated Vincenzo Cassano, is the adopted child of the Cassano crime family in Italy. Having grown into an adult, Vincenzo is a lawyer for the mafia and the families consigliere but due to tumultuous family relations, he returns to South Korea and confronts the Babel Group, a powerhouse company that occupies a building where tons of gold is hidden in the building’s foundations.


A complex tale of a painful love between among a glamourous upper-class group of an ambitious family, filled with loss, mystery and passion. The drama allows us to see the unhappiness of the characters, even when they seem to have it all.

Flower of Evil

For me this was such a powerful story about how people are demonised without knowing the full story. When his detective wife discovers Baek Hee Sung has secrets as she investigating a series of unexplained murders, the truth about his true identity starts to unravel.

My Name

This has a great storyline with plenty of action and is about a woman seeking revenge who then becomes a police officer under the direction of a powerful crime boss after her father is murdered.

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