Best 5: Current Netflix Bingeables

Everyone has their favourite binge worthy documentaries, shows, movies or series on Netflix so here’s my list of the ones I would watch on repeat because they are so good and it’s nice to see women or people of colour in the lead roles for some of them.


I know, I know Bridgerton this Bridgerton that. Saw the trailer first, second saw Shondaland instantly knew I would not be disappointed if Shonda Rhimes was involved. I gasped, cackled and just enjoyed watching this show with the Duke of Hastings and the others looking for love in London high society with all the shenanigans. Based on books by Julia Quinn it is now the most watched show on Netflix, kind of reminded of pride and prejudice meets gossip girl.

Source: Netflix

Kings of Joburg

If you watch or have watched The Queen on DSTV then you will be familiar with many of the characters and the directors of the Kings of Joburg. A story based in South Africa about gang member Mo who has just been released from prison after serving a 10 year sentence. He wants to live a straight life after his release but struggles to stay out of the life of crime because of who his family is and their reputation while dealing with a supernatural family curse.


French series with Omar Sy playing a character named Assane Diop who lives his life inspired by the Arsine Lupin character. Assane is the son a of an immigrant from Senegal who is accused of stealing a very valuable necklace from his employers and goes to prison leaving Assane orphaned. Can not wait for season two.

Queen’s Gambit

Three words for this sleek, fashionable and intelligent plus all worth the hype. The story follows a young lady called Beth Harmon who takes up chess at an orphanage and goes on to become a chess prodigy in the 1960s. Gives an insight into brilliance, a wonderful rags to riches story with a lesson in resilience.

Source: Netflix


A long movie that highlights human trafficking in Nigeria and follows an undercover journalist called Oloture posing as a sex worker to expose sex trafficking. Tough to watch at times but necessary to show and to bring this very difficult subject to light as well as highlight the harsh reality of many women around the world.

In the words of the producers, “the film mirrors some real life reports of journalists who had gone undercover to expose sex trafficking patterns in the country.”

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