The Battle for a New Normal

Since November I have been watching the news of the coronavirus and how it spread so fast to present day. The whole world is shook, lockdowns have been enforced and all activities, work, travel plans have been abandoned until it is deemed safe again. The world is currently going through the most devastating pandemic of our time a situation that no country was prepared for, and for the first time ever we are all fighting the same battle and have a common enemy. The real heros are the supermarket workers making sure we can get food and health care workers all over the world working to save countless lives while putting themselves at risk for the greater good and for that we appreciate and salute them.

My thoughts are with everyone that has lost their loved ones during this incredibly difficult time. The reality is it is not easy to fight something you cannot physically see. We are slowly coming to the realisation that we need to figure out a new “normal” and being social beings now means that we have new terms like “Social Distancing”. No more gathering with friends and family, dining out, shopping we now have to change how we relate to each other and the year 2020 will forever be the year that forced us to change.

As we find creative ways to greet each other and to relay messages, we look on the bright side as this has given us time to rest and spend it with our loved ones. Until everything is normal again we pray, stay home, listen more deeply, mediate, exercise, be artistic, play games, knit, do those things you ignored, learn new ways of being, think differently and we will heal.

Appreciate every moment because life really is truly short. Stay safe everyone!

“In the fight against viruses,humanity needs to closely guard borders, but not the borders between countries. Rather, it needs to guard the border between the human world and the virus-sphere.”

Yuval Noah Harari
Historian: author of “21 Lessons for the 21st Century”

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