Podcasts Worth a Listen

Podcasts have been around for many years now and have become more mainstream in recent times. If you are not yet in the know, a podcast is an audio recording of an entire series in digital form its like if netflix was on radio. There are many different categories from true crime to comedy which is why I really enjoy a good podcast, especially the fact that they work on any platform and keep me occupied when on the move.

Having a keen interest in the real life accounts, interviews and reenactments on the ID channel, the First 48 and Cold Case Files the picks I have chosen this month vary from true life, true crime, motivation and fashion, a very mixed bag.

Photo by Kaboompics .com on Pexels.com


As it is fashion month had to include this one. I follow sheerluxe on YouTube and know what they are all about but those wanting a summary on the latest happenings in fashion, lifestyle, health, beauty and news in brief they highlight these very well. Their Success Stories series which features interviews with some of Britain’s most inspiring female entrepreneurs are very inspiring and thought provoking I find.

The Dropout

This is the story about the ambitiously deceptive Elizabeth Holmes who owned Theranos a health technology company. Once called the next Steve Jobs and was at the time the world’s youngest self made female billionaire at 19 years old but it was based on a lie. There are criminal charges brought against her into her alleged breakthrough health technology that didn’t do what it said it would but people bought into it, you listen to a 3 year long investigation and how it all came crashing down.

Bear Brook

After watching Mindhunter on Netflix of how they study the psychopaths and behaviour analysis I was interested in the Bear Brook story. In 1985 in a small town three boys kick over a mysterious barrel in the woods evidence is buried, and the case goes cold then 15 years later a second barrel is found not far from where the previous one is found. You listen to the examination and cracking of a cold case which is just shocking and raises more questions than answers so far.

The Daily Show with Trevor Noah: Ears Edition

I always watched the Daily Show with Jon Stewart but what I like about this ears edition is that it’s highlights of the show and the podcasts range from 3 – 40 minutes so take your pick out of the 400+ episodes.

TD Jakes

Shift through motivational chats of Bishop TD Jakes whether you are religious or not you can relate to a lot of what he talks about. It definitely changes you to think and look at situations differently.

Please share if you have any good podcasts I should listen to.

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